Over the last 20 years we’ve been exposed to multiple start-up organizations with the high potential growth characteristics, especially with the evolution and growth of millennials.

We see the evolution in the Financial Technology Sector “Fintech”, the future of our industry, dominated by FinTech and Blockchain. The challenge for FinTech Solutions is effective route to market and the “what next” dilemma.

At Hecksher Partners we provide substantial experience, global network, deep intelligence and wisdom. With each partner having over 20+ years building and being part of high potential growth companies, demonstrating successful funds raised, PE and VC investments, and significant business growth to successful exits of companies, private or public, that collective knowledge is invaluable.

We offer clear and determined strategic guidance, accelerated route to market and success. Our team can game change the speed and direction of high potential and established FinTech organizations.

Key Functions:

  • C suite construction
  • Advisory and Director board construction
  • Develop Business strategy and vision with the entrepreneurs
  • Mentoring Programs
  • Capital raises
  • Funding initiatives
  • Route to market Services and credibility recognition
  • Online Digital Strategies and reputation management Services
  • Influencer initiatives

Business Formation

Full fund setup and incorporation services. Over 20+ years working in the Hedge Fund, Private Equity and Venture Capital business globally we have designed, created and implemented full turn key funds structures for Onshore, Offshore vehicles e.g.: Series LLC, SPC’s, SAC’s, SPV, UCITS, AIF, Sif Sicavs and cover multiple structures from Master, Master Feeder and Mini Master. We are industry experts in designing the different structures to maximize the capital raise from multiple jurisdictions. US v Europe as an example. We’ve established very favorable agreements with internationally recognized fund services firms.

New start up programs

We help our new to market nexgeneration managers with full funds/portfolios set up and construction from Fund domicile and inception. We leverage our global network of well recognized International and domestic Funds Attorneys, International Audit Firms, Global Fund Administration and Accounting firms, Fund Banking relationships, Prime Brokers, compliance. PI and DO underwriters, marketers and brand identity creators. We can help you move at pace and reduce the drag to building revenue.

Global Turn Key Platforms. We have designed and created a Nexgen-eration fund platform for emerging new comers to the industry. We seek the high potential new Nexgen-eration manager and provide an easy solution and fast route to market, test the strategy, develop the track record, minimize the expenses ratio and generate alpha. We can provide turn key platform solutions for US onshore, Cayman Offshore, Malta and Luxembourg. More…

Capital Raising – Connector


Through Hecksher Partners and our extensive network of global allocators ranging from UHNI, Family Office to Institutional Capital, we work rigorously to connect interesting people we feel have the highest chance of gaining market traction and allocation.

Over the years we have connected millions of $’s to new and established managers. Our goal is to ensure the manager is in good organizational shape to compete for the dollars on the street. We have a proven methodology and team to ensure you are successful.  We cannot make it happen for you but can ensure you are ready to tackle the allocation dollars to grow the AUM of your fund. Competition for dollars is intense and you must be ahead to make that difference. Through our connector program we ensure that you have the best chance to win over the confidence of the allocator.

We run extensive group or one on one training programs and have customised life coaching programs.

We will look to deconstruct your approach and reconstruct a winning formula or alternatively we look to enhance what you have defined already and accelerate that interest.
Once ready, we can introduce to you the broker/dealer community, capital introduction and marketers whom have a proven track record of success.

We select only the best capital raising partners to help our clients with real access to major global investment houses, Pension Funds, Endowments, Family offices, UHNI and allocators.

See our events page for further information.

FX Transactions

Through a strategic partnership we identified the opportunity to provide our clients with deep and more competitive FX transaction seeking better delta than what can be achieved through major banks. We work with a specialist foreign exchange company allowing our clients benefit from the highest quality of service, speed and flexibility.

How we can help:

Hyper competitive FX pricing – utilising purchasing power. We can negotiate better spot and forward prices from the banks you may be using, and many that you are not in touch with. We compare the FX prices provided by over 30 tier one global banks. We can assist you in:

  • Enhancing the rate achieved when distributing dividends to investors
  • Enhancing the repatriation rate of management/performance fees
  • Hedging dividend payments over a longer horizon

Credit facilities – that forensic view of the underlying investment(s) and providing terms that are far more sympathetic to investments in illiquid asset classes. Our facilities are typically more compelling than those offered by (increasingly reticent) banks, to free up cash that would otherwise be susceptible to mark to market calls; whilst protecting budgeted levels (and ultimately, your return on investment) from inevitable FX volatility. Many clients have found that hedging was expensive in past, we will look to address this with credit facilities to significantly reduce the cost of FX hedging. This works in the following way:

  • You place 0% deposit/collateral to secure a forward contract
  • This forward position can move offside to an agreed percentage before we will call you for the residual, e.g.;
  • if we agree to allow your position to move negative 4%, and it moves negative 4.5% you are only called for the residual 0.5%
  • the 4% acts as a buffer/protection zone and always remains intact; this drastically reduces cash drag, enhancing working capital of the business
  • For shorter dated forwards (e.g. rolling monthly, or, T-1 to T-14/20 capital call period hedging/de-risking) we would reasonably expect to provide margin terms that would all but eliminate mark to market calls
  • roll positions freely, referencing the original spot rate, without incurring charges; as many times as, you wish (going up to 5 years forward); e.g. if your 90 day forward now needs to be 60 days, or 120 days, you can simply adjust at no additional cost
  • For longer dated forwards (1 year +) we can significantly reduce cash drag on the fund or SPV
  • Tenors for outrights up to 5 years
  • Mark to market calculated net of all positions
  • Balance sheet hedging

Total flexibility on forwards with the ability to:

  • Draw down trades early, in part or in full
  • Reverse the hedge and cash settle the PnL created by the reversal

Intelligent hedging for your capital call period – giving you certainty when you call down capital at T1, of how many dollars you will need to purchase euro/sterling denominated asset at T14; when the deal is signed

The very best advice, forecasting and analysis – We will advise on the timing of FX transactions in order that you may benefit or be protected from inevitable market volatility at the time of having an FX trade to execute; We are the only FX specialist to be ranked as a consistent Bloomberg, FX Week, Financial Times & FXFC top 10 currency forecaster [M/M, Q/Q] since 2011, ahead of a pool of 100+ institutions. Accuracy equations based on average margin for error [or, ‘AME’] %)

Intelligent limit orders – with us you would be able to place intelligent limit orders to achieve better pricing in a constantly moving market. If, in the North American, European or Asian trading sessions any one of our 30 counterparties achieve your targeted rate, we execute automatically on your behalf which can capture far more optimal pricing within any given timeframe; this is quite labour intensive hence FX desks at banks don’t typically offer the same coverage or proactive monitoring

Dedicated trader one point of contact always for speed and convenience; we provide a higher level of proactive, bespoke service than PB’s and banks can offer

Flexible mark to market terms – including significant credit buffers

Full flexibility on forwards, with the ability to:

  • Drawdown trades early, in part or in full
  • Reverse the hedge and cash settle the PnL created by the reversal

Advisory Services

 With the continued growth in entrepreneurial activity globally where we see and continued growth in the bulge bracket millennials, (now accounting for over 92M in population in the US).

We seek to identify High Potential Growth Fintech Companies where we can deploy investment dollars and/or Executive time in helping early stage start-up companies find the pathway to prime and achieving their goals.

It’s evident the world of finance will be dominated by FinTech and Blockchain and we are here to support that growth by aligning our extensive business acumen to that of new companies seeking acceleration. We look to give strategic guidance, reduce the learning curve of new entrepreneurs and expedite the growth to exit.

We’ve guided several successful start-up and middle market companies to very to successful exit

Key Functions:

  • C suite construction
  • Advisory and Director board construction
  • Develop Business strategy and vison with the entrepreneurs
  • Mentoring Programs
  • Capital raises
  • Funding initiatives
  • Route to market Services and credibility recognition
  • Online Digital Strategies and reputation management Services
  • Influencer initiatives

Class Action Recovery

Hecksher Partners has a strategic partnership with a world class organization specializing in global class action recovery. Each year, we return millions of dollars back to Investment Managers and investors.

The class action recovery services provide clients with a comprehensive solution to their class action claims filing and recovery needs. Our meticulous process ensures clients receive the maximum securities class action settlement awards. Our knowledge base is broad and diverse and covers all types of class and collective actions. Our proficiency and industry knowledge in economics, finance and complex business litigation research will assist clients through all the stages of the litigation process.

We are here to help you uncover lost return and potential earning

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